Review of Bramham Parish Council’s websites and their accessibility

The council invited residents to provide feedback on its websites and their accessibility. Here’s my contribution to that feedback.

Home Page

The link that takes the viewer to a page listing past agendas lists them in chronological order from 1st July 2020 to 8th January 2020 instead of newest first.

Link to minutes provides minutes in pdf format instead of html.

Page: Members of Parish Council

Pam Corrigan’s email address is incorrect.

Helena Buck’s email address contains two errors

Link to Committees and working groups is not accessible because of the way that screen readers aggregate links. The whole line 

“The council has a number of Committees and Working Groups. Click HERE  for further information” 

should be the link.

The same comment applies to the Leeds City website link and the link to the Register of Interests and Declarations.

The link offering more information about the parish council should be expanded to read

“For more information [about the parish council] contact our clerk” and have the section in square brackets added.

Pages: Accounts, Policies and Procedures

All the reports listed are in pdf format but not html

Page: Neighbourhood Plan

The link to the Neighbourhood Development Plan should comprise the full line:

“Click  Bramham cum Oglethorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan 2018 – 2033 to read the full plan”

The link also overwrites the current page. It should open in a new tab.

The link to the Neighbourhood Plan website needs to comprise the whole line:

“For more information about the Neighbourhood Plan Go to

The link overwrites the present page. It should open a new tab.

The website does not have an SSL certificate and is identified by the browser as “Not secure” which will discourage visitors from remaining on the site.

Page: Bramham Pavilion

Terms and Conditions of Hire and Large Events Policy are both in pdf format but there is no html version.

Page: The Parish

The link to the Village facilities needs to be made more accessible.

It also takes the visitor to the old website page.

Page: Useful Links

The historic Bramham website is not secure or accessible.

Page: Contact

The reCaptcha in use is Version 2. There is a more effective version 3

The 2012/13 version of the Council’s website is still online and has never been cancelled.

Steve Cooper


(M) 07966 355054

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